Top Pay Carrier

Recognized as a Certified Top Pay Carrier since 2006, Millis raises the bar again with a new pay raise.  We pay for your experience level and your weekly performance. Drivers receive a pay raise every year and enjoy regional and dedicated opportunities in key markets around the country. Our commitment to quality hasn’t gone unnoticed as we have regularly been named “Carrier of the Year” by long-standing, multiple customers.


Millis Transfer understands that a driver’s time is valuable.

Drivers should be paid for all of it.

With our new Driver Pay Protection Program - drivers will be paid for the work they do
with a weekly Pay Protection.

Call us at (800) 937-0880 for details,

Pay Comparison Calculator

Today Millis Transfer is a dry-van truckload carrier serving a wide range of customers across the United States. Our trucks have the amenities drivers want and the efficiency customers demand. Our family-owned company combines the experience of veterans with the innovation of the new generation.

Want to compare our pay with other companies? Look below to check out our Pay Comparison Calculator and see the Millis difference!

Years of Experience
Straight CPM with Millis$
Total Paid Weekly Miles
Your Current Weekly PayMillis Weekly Straight PayPer Mile
Mileage Pay$per mile$$
Mileage Bonus$per mile$$
Safety Bonus$per mile$$0.02
Detention Pay$per mile$$0.009
Fuel Bonus$per mile$$0.013
 Number of WeeksWeekly Vacation PayPer MileMillis PayPer Mile
Vacation Payweeks$per week$0.00per mile$0.00$0.00
 Your Current Weekly PayMillis Weekly Straight PayPer Mile
Total Gross Weekly Pay$$$

Disclaimer: this calculator provides rates based on fleet average. For a more detailed breakdown of what specific bonuses, rates and earning potential you can have at Millis, contact recruiting directly at 800-937-0880.

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