Pioneers in Dry Van Transportation

Delivering your goods with precision, dedication, and over 85 years of experience

At Millis Transfer, we’re not just about transportation. We focus on integrating safety, small-town values, and a strong dedication to our drivers into the core of our services. This way, we can better serve you.


Established in 1936 and Growing

With a legacy spanning over 80 years, Millis Transfer is a testament to an enduring commitment to excellence. Since our founding in 1936, we have grown and evolved, but our commitment to dependable and efficient freight transportation has remained the same.

Regional & Local Expertise

Delivering Across
Key US Regions

Covering extensive ground, our transportation network extends east of the Rockies. We focus on custom regional and local deliveries. These include places such as Texas, the Southeast, the Midwest, and New Jersey. We provide a fast and dependable solution for your manufacturing and warehousing needs.


More Than A Job

Focus on Driver
Benefits & Satisfaction

At Millis Transfer, our drivers are the heart of our success. We don’t just provide jobs; we offer fulfilling careers. Our commitment to driver benefits and satisfaction is unwavering. Competitive compensation packages enable our drivers to earn 5-6 figures which reflect our appreciation for their dedication and hard work. We promote growth by providing chances for trainer roles and career advancement guaranteeing a clear path for professional progress. Comprehensive benefits, including insurance and retirement plans, underscore our commitment to your well-being.

Service Areas

  • Over the road, primarily East of the Rockies
  • Specialized regional and local delivery, including Texas, South East, Mid West, and New Jersey
  • Fast, efficient, and reliable service for manufacturing and warehousing needs

Commitment to Our Drivers

  • Competitive compensation, with many earning 5-6 figures
  • Opportunities for trainer roles and career advancement
  • Comprehensive benefits, including insurance and retirement
  • Pay Protection

State-of-the-Art CDL Training

Our commitment to excellence extends to our training programs. Our experienced instructors lead hands-on training sessions. They truly care about your success. We offer constant support during your CDL certification journey. This ensures you’re ready for any road challenge. Scholarships and flexible schedules make getting your CDL certification easier.