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Think Trucking is Not Important; Think Again

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Think Trucking is Not Important; Think Again

No one is going to argue that the trucking industry moves the vast majority of goods throughout the country. When you look at the freight numbers for trucks, they are higher than the combined amount of freight delivered by trains, boats, and air. There's no doubt that big rigs get top billing. And thanks to their hard work and willingness to haul the things we need, truck drivers have become the real sweethearts of the road.

Trucking is an efficient industry. There's few forms of transportation that can haul as much as it does with just one load. As noted by, the average big rig carries 80,000 pounds of freight at one time. That's a lot of materials! Trucks also go further. OTR truck engines travel up to one million miles before being retired. Car engines, however, last nowhere near that.

Trucking is not just noted for miles and freight. The trucking industry is also a leading employer. Opportunity is not limited in this biz. As stated on, there are more than 200,000 female drivers in today's market. This is in line with information reported by other news outlets like MarketsInsider which states, "Trucking is a surprisingly egalitarian industry, with 40.6% of all trucking jobs held by minorities. This far outpaces the national average when all jobs are compared--overall, minorities hold just 22% of jobs in this country."

Overall, the total number of people employed in trucking is in the millions. It's believed that one out of  every 14 jobs is created or impacted by the trucking industry. While these numbers fluctuate up and down and year to year, there's no denying the industry's significance.

When looking to the future and considering career options, the trucking industry should be one of your first choices. It's said that the average age for truck drivers is 55 years old, but the trucking industry welcomes both young and seasoned drivers. There are few industries that can match the diversity and opportunity found in the transportation business. So, when you're ready to join the ranks of this amazing, well-established industry, give Millis Transfer a call at 1-800-937-0880.

Here's to your future and your wonderful road ahead!

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