Driving Industry Offers Better Earning Opportunities

Driving Industry Offers Better Earning Opportunities

For the third year in a row, according to the American Transportation Research Institute's latest report highlighting the most critical issues in the trucking industry, the driver shortage is the number one topic on the list. You could say it has been a major point of debate for all of the trucking organizations. Despite reports from the American Trucking Association and other trucking entities that indicate trucking needs more drivers, the United States Department of Labor stipulates that the trucking shortage is related to only one sector (long haul), noting that evidence to support demand for that area remains strong.

Driver demand is a debatable topic. In a related article by Forbes Magazine, the market for truck drivers is described as tight. Yet, the article does admit that "the demand for drivers has remained strong while the demand for workers with low levels of education has declined substantially in other sectors."

The good news, Forbes adds, is that the "earnings of heavy truck drivers exceed those of other blue-collar workers throughout the period… earnings are increasing in nominal terms and strong relative to those in other occupations with similar educational requirements." This means that trucking pays more for those hard working individuals who would otherwise make less. Providing better income for a substantial sector of the population is a vital necessity for the economy.

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