News Reports Call Trucking Stable & Smart Career Choice

News Reports Call Trucking Stable & Smart Career Choice

Online news outlet Nation.Com recently published an article entitled, America Needs More Truck Drivers--And you Might Just Get Paid Handsomely Too, that describes the truck driving profession as one of the most stable career opportunities in the market place. Nation.Com is just one of many news outlets that have been promoting the benefits of joining the trucking industry.

An article published in Transport Topics earlier this year, written by Dan Ronan, reported that through November 2018, the total freight hauled by for-hire truck drivers was 7.2% more than the first 11 months of 2017. Ronan says, "In an industry that ATA estimates is short more than 50,000 drivers, this kind of demand requires motor carriers to sometimes sweeten the pot to keep drivers happy. Last year, drivers benefited as many companies increased pay, improved bonuses and offered other benefits."

For those who love to drive, trucking is a great career option. Not only is it a stable profession, drivers have access to benefits that are not available in other areas. Further, the truck driving industry does not discriminate. There are equal opportunities for those who wish to join the field. At Millis Transfer, Military are also strongly encouraged to apply. With retail markets changing and automation impacting so many professions, the stability that truck driving offers, especially at Millis Transfer, cannot be matched in other professions. And because the demand for truck drivers continues to increase, benefits keep getting better.

The American Trucking Association reports that 71 percent of all freight tonnage is moved via trucks.  And while automation and technology continue to be leading causes of career loss for a lot of industries, Nation.Com states it will be years and years before maturation even begins to occur and/or impact the truck driver. While there are a variety of career opportunities, there's no doubt that truck driving is one of the best options.

If you're longing for stability and the freedom of the open road, what are you waiting for? Give Millis Transfer a call today at 800-937-0880.

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