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Four Great Reasons To Sign On With Millis Transfer

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Four Great Reasons To Sign On With Millis Transfer

Finding a steady position that pays well and offers great benefits is often easier said than done. A lot of drivers face some pretty tough roads before learning that not all trucking companies are the same. At Millis Transfer, we're here to exceed your expectations. Sign-on with us and you'll be glad that you did. While the reasons are many, we'd like to focus on four in particular that make all the difference for your career as a member of the transportation industry:

1.) Millis Transfer is one of the top paying trucking companies in the business.  As a matter of fact, we've received Top Pay Carrier Designations by the National Transportation Institute for the last 13 years. Driver Incentives such as Experienced Driver Pay Scales and a Performance Pay Program.

2.) Along with offering an elite twelve-week CDL-A training school, Millis Transfer offer students $0.43 per mile, opportunities for increased pay, as well as a guaranteed $50,000 annual salary if they meet the fleet average of 115,000 miles over twelve months. Mills also offers five convenient school locations, with lodging included. Students have their choice of training in Hamilton, Ohio; Catersville, Georgia; Richfield, Wisconsin; Burleson, Texas; or Eden, North Carolina.

3.) At Millis Transfer, there's no cut-backs on the benefits. Millis Transfer drivers enjoy the benefits of small co-pays, a variety of options that fit their unique needs, and extensive coverage at a reasonable cost. These benefits include options for group health, dental care, eye care insurance, prescription coverage, life insurance and more. There is also a one cent per mile increase for those who opt out of the company health insurance. Perfect for those who already have a health plan perhaps through their partners or from an independent insurance program.

4.) Driver at Millis Transfer are provided with top of the line equipment, that comes complete with a long list of amenities. A long with all the extras such as great insurance and top pay, drivers at Millis Transfer also get the luxury of driving in a comfortable, stylish  and up-to-date company truck.

Dare to compare Millis Transfer with any other company and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find we're one of the best in the business. At Millis Transfer, our drivers are truly appreciated. For that reason, the company offers all the perks and none of the hassles. Give us a call to learn more today!!
About Millis Transfer
Millis Transfer, Getting It There Since 1936, has an impressive service record earning dozens of “Carrier of the Year” awards. Headquartered in Black River Falls, Wis., the company raised driver pay two times in 2018. Extra perks for Millis drivers include a maximum pay rate of 47-58cpm, beautiful and well-maintained equipment, and a long list of amenities and benefits.  Maintenance facilities and drop yards are also strategically located throughout the company’s operating area. Its sister company, Millis Training Institute, offers five school locations that provide students with quality training in order to earn their CDL-A license. To learn more, please visit or