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Tips on Bringing Your Pet Along for the Ride

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Tips on Bringing Your Pet Along for the Ride

Recently there has been some exciting news with the new driver pet policy offering Millis Transfer drivers the ability to bring their dog or cat under 50 pounds along for the ride. This great new perk allows drivers to bring along their best bud for some well deserved companionship that drivers sure can benefit from as they are on the road. Here are some tips for our fellow drivers looking to bring their pet along for the ride that can maximize their experience.

Pet Must Haves

Always look to have the right amount of toys for your little fur ball to keep them entertained and happy in your truck. Cats and dogs love to play and when you’re not around it will sure keep them out of trouble with the right toys that can keep them happy and busy throughout the day. In addition, since your pet will be away from home, having a leash with tags that provide the necessary contact information is highly recommended as well. This way in case they get out of the truck and become missing they can be located easily if someone finds them and needs to contact you.

Prep Your Drive

Just like you need to prep for your ride ahead with clothes, food and your comforts from home, it’s key to do the same for your pet. Look to stock up on the meals, treats, cleaning products, toys and any home time favorites that will be needed for the journey ahead. By being prepared with all the right pet supplies and gear, you are setting your ride with your pet up for success. Having the right meals in place will reduce the hassle of looking to access food while being away which can be a challenge on the road. Check out this great resource for more pet bring alongs here

Let Pets Go Out of the Truck Frequently

Dogs can sure be restless after many hours in a truck and need some well deserved breaks throughout the day to keep it fresh. Make sure to take them on walks when there is downtime to let them play, use the potty and get some energy out. If you bring your cat along look to invest in a scratching board, so they can unleash some energy and add some playtime to their day.

Keep Pets Safe and Comfortable

Having a safe and comfortable place to stay is highly important when driving with your pet. Providing a soft and warm place to sleep and rest is needed for your little buddy to have a enjoyable trip. Investing in a kennel or pet bed with soft and comfy blankets is great for a dog or cat to sleep in a get a good rest.

We hope that you enjoy the new pet policy for Millis Transfer drivers. If you are interested in bringing your pet along for the ride please contact Naomi in recruiting for more details at 800-937-0880.