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Millis Transfer’s Recent Changes To Improve Drivers’ Experience

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Millis Transfer’s Recent Changes To Improve Drivers’ Experience

Wow, a lot of new changes have been going on at Millis Transfer when it comes to improving and providing drivers what they want and have been asking for. We know it’s important to listen to drivers and get to know their needs. We sure have listened and put our thinking caps on to provide the best perks and offerings that drivers are looking for. Let’s dive into the recent improvements going on that Millis drivers have been getting excited about recently.

Millis Drivers Now Earn 7 CPM More Per Mile

That’s right you heard it here. We are excited to announce that recently Millis drivers now earn 7 CPM more per mile. We are so excited to offer this well deserved pay raise to our team. They sure have earned it and deserve it.

Recently Revised New Camera Policy

Did you know that you can now choose to turn on or off the driver facing camera in your truck? You’ve been asking about the ability to have this option and we’ve listened. With our recent revision to our camera policy, drivers now are no longer required to turn on the driver facing camera. The freedom is yours and you now have the ability to decide.

Free Gym Membership

Healthy driving and lifestyle is what we are all about here at Millis. Having the ability to focus on your health is key to have a successful career in trucking. So, recently we’ve teamed up with participating Anytime Fitness locations and added a new program that allows drivers to have a free gym membership. As long as you go at least 12 times per month we will cover your gym fee.

So what do you think? We sure have listened to drivers’ needs lately. We hope that everyone enjoys the new improvements going on at Millis Transfer. Who knows what’s next? We’re always looking to improve our offerings and provide the best experience for drivers. So, keep on letting us know what makes a difference in your career. We’re all ears!