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Why Home Time Matters

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Why Home Time Matters

There’s no place like home. And we know it. Home time matters here at Millis Transfer. We know that drivers need time with family and friends at home. The ability to recharge makes drivers better on and off the road. In this article we will discuss why home time for our drivers matter and how it’s changing the way we drive.

By having the right balance of work and time at home drivers are able to develop a work life balance which can be hard to come by in the trucking industry. It’s important to refresh your mindset before you get back on the road. Having a well balanced amount of time at home will refocus you and revive your journey on the road. We have to be on the top of our game out there when driving and if drivers are burnt out from too much work it will show in their driving performance. This can lead to unsafe driving situations that can put themselves and others at risk.

When you get to take advantage of home time there are many benefits that drivers have. For example, many drivers tend to get homesick while being away for long periods of time. If not much home time is available it can make it hard to be out on the road. But, with the right balance of home time in the mix, it will allow the driver to look forward to some well deserved time off before the next stretch of deliveries ahead. This gives drivers a sense of purpose with some goals which keeps the passion and pride strong along their career. Having the right amount of home time provides a better lifestyle. It gives you a sense of me time that develops into true driver happiness.

In addition to home time, Millis offers a great vacation opportunity for drivers. When it comes to vacation time, Millis drivers enjoy three weeks of paid vacation after just one year of service. One week must be used each year while the other two weeks offered can be cashed in. It’s a great option for drivers that are able to access much needed time off that gives them the ability to have moments with family and friends.

Are you interested in learning more about home time and other driver benefits that Millis Transfer drivers are raving about? Visit our website at or call us at 800-973-0880 to discover the Millis difference.