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New Pet Policy for Millis Transfer Drivers

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New Pet Policy for Millis Transfer Drivers

We’re excited to announce our new pet policy for Millis drivers with dogs and cats that are 50 lbs or less with current vaccinations. Now you can take those cuddly co-riders along for the ride.

For the past ten years our drivers have been asking and requesting for the ability to bring pets along for the ride and it’s time we listened and gave the Millis team what they want. It’s important to have that added companionship on the road and pets provide plenty of benefits that drivers need when delivering for extended periods of time. Also, it provides military veterans with the need of service animals to utilize this new policy.

There sure are some great health benefits that go along with the ability to bring your pet with you as a truck driver. Did you know that pets have the ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure? Studies have shown that pet owners have lower blood pressure, triglyceride, and cholesterol levels which provide an added health benefit towards your heart, making your ride a healthier one. In addition, having a pet on the road can make you more active as well. For example, going on walks with your dog during downtime is a great way to stay fit and active during your journey. With the many challenges drivers face when it comes to being active it can encourage the boost you need to live a more active lifestyle.

Pets can also reduce stress and anxiety while on the road. Drivers who bring their pet with them are known to feel less stressed and more focused while driving. It’s a great positive outlet to have when caught in a stressful situation and can keep drivers calm and collected.

Dogs and cats are a part of your family and give you the companionship needed while driving. It’s like bringing a piece of home with you that has the ability to combat loneliness and homesickness. When you’re driving with your pet you don’t feel alone and have a buddy to be by your side. Drivers get a sense of fulfillment when driving with a dog or cat. It adds value and boosts morale during the days that provides a more positive experience. For more tips on how to best care for your pet on the road visit this resource here.

Are you looking to bring your pet along for the ride? Please contact Naomi in recruiting for more details about taking advantage of our new pet policy. Call 800-937-0880 to learn more.