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How can I stay fit and healthy as a truck driver?

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How can I stay fit and healthy as a truck driver?

Staying fit on the road can sure be a challenge that we face each day as we drive. Being on top of your health is important to your career as well as personal life which can pose many dangers if you live an inactive lifestyle. Studies show that about 21% of truck drivers leave their careers due to health issues. So, incorporating a healthy lifestyle will help you overcome this high risk that we as truckers face. In this article we will discuss some ways to stay fit and healthy.

Create healthy eating habits

There are so many unhealthy temptations when it comes to eating on the road. The access to greasy fast food is just too easy for us truckers to give into. In order to avoid the tasty fast food temptations it’s important to prepare a healthy balanced diet of foods ahead. Before you hit the road pack prep food for your trip. Having access to healthy food in your truck will be a huge convenience and save you from being lured into the fast food options during pit stops. Look to make your own meals that you know are healthy and don’t have hidden sugars and salts that fast foods offer.

Incorporate an exercise routine

Yup, we know it’s tough. But, as truckers we have to stay healthy and exercising is a huge factor in staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Millis Transfer offers a health reimbursement program with Anytime Fitness. That’s right we will pay for your gym membership. All you need to do is visit a participating Anytime Fitness gym location at least 12 times per month and we will cover your gym fee. How cool is that?

But, what about when you’re not at the gym or can’t go? Luckily, there are still ways to stay active and keep the exercise momentum going. For example, when there is downtime during your deliveries, make it an opportunity to go for a walk. Even if you stay close by with laps near the truck it will keep you active. Did you know that about 32 laps around your truck equal to a mile? So, get some miles in with the downtime. Also, doing push ups, jumping rope, lifting with dumbbells / kettlebells and using suspension cables are all ways that you can break a sweat and incorporate an exercise routine.

So avoid the dangers of inactivity and take on a healthy lifestyle that will be sure to make your career and lifestyle better. It may be a challenge but in the long run it will sure be worth it.