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What new drivers are learning at the Millis Training Institute

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What new drivers are learning at the Millis Training Institute

When it comes to getting your start in the trucking industry you need to learn from the best to prepare for your career as a driver. When you are out on the road on your own it is important to have learned the skills needed to drive with confidence and expertise. At Millis Training Institute drivers are part of a 12 week course that includes classroom and on road training that gives future drivers the knowledge they need to apply to their journey ahead.

During the training drivers will be learning the ins and outs of the trucking industry with an overview that provides trip planning, inspection and e-log overviews, procedures and much more classroom studies that will get trainees road ready before the on road training kicks in.

After classroom training, you are then given in truck training with a Millis Transfer instructor that will provide and help you practice safe driving habits along with backing and docking maneuvers that will elevate your skills in real life situations. By practicing these safe driving habits it will develop you into a professional driver that can handle future situations as they develop in your career. We strive to simulate real life practices that can help you handle your next delivery whether you are backing up into a tight spot or need to make an impulse decision on the road from a developing safety hazard ahead. We make sure that you’re prepared for it all.

Next, trainees will go through a company driver orientation that leads to being dispatched with a trainer. Then it’s time for the real deal with on the road training where trainees will earn $0.43 per mile while being guided by their trainer over the final weeks while on the road. Over the last few weeks, drivers will experience what it’s like to be a professional driver with the comforts and advantages of being able to have access and knowledge from their trainer while on the job. By being able to take the classroom to the road it will be huge for your career and leave you confident and set up for a successful career in trucking.

Then after successfully completing a minimum of 15,000 OTR miles with your Millis Transfer trainer, each student will graduate to their own truck and may be offered the opportunity to drive for Millis Transfer after graduation.

If you would like to discover how Millis graduates are earning $50,000 annually in their first year with their skills developed over our 12 week elite program visit today and start your career.  

About Millis Transfer

Millis Transfer, Getting It There Since 1936, has an impressive service record earning dozens of “Carrier of the Year” awards. Headquartered in Black River Falls, Wis., Millis' top driver earned $116,000 in 2017 and the company raised driver pay again in May 2018. Extra perks for Millis drivers include a maximum pay rate of 58cpm, beautiful and well-maintained equipment outfitted with DirecTV and Sirius radio, and a long list of amenities and benefits.  Maintenance facilities and drop yards are strategically located throughout the company’s operating area. Its sister company, Millis Training Institute, offers five school locations that provide students with quality training in order to earn their CDL-A license. For more information, please visit, or call 1-800-937-0880.