Back To School Safety Driving Tips

Back To School Safety Driving Tips

It’s that time of year again where the kiddos are going back to school. That means more traffic, busier street crossing areas, buses, and pedestrians. As back to school traffic adds up, the driving safety challenges increase and it is important to be ready for the school hustle and bustle on the roads.

Remember at certain times of the day there will be kids making their way to and from school. Some of these kiddos are walking to school for the first time and might not have the awareness that we take for granted with adult pedestrians. Make sure that you are alert at all times because children can be unpredictable and they can ignore hazards and take more risks when crossing the street. When in a school zone area keep an eye out for reduced speed zones that are well needed to keep traffic at a safe pace.

Also, be on the lookout for school patrol officers or crossing guards that are patrolling high activity crossing lanes that kids need to use in order to cross the street. Slow down in these areas and always look to abide by their stop signs and gestures to pass by. In addition, these areas will have a high volume of buses that will be making many stops along the way. Be ready for them to break and look out for multiple stops ahead. Even though it can delay you at times with multiple stops, it’s key to not pass by the school bus because it will increase your risk with safety.

Did you know that the area 10 feet around a school bus is the most dangerous for children? Make sure to stop your truck far enough back to allow the proper distance for children to safely enter or exit the school bus area. Since a school bus can take up a lot of visibility on the road it can be hard for kids to see what traffic is across from them. With a safe distance kept, it allows us to make sure children can cross safely before we resume our drive.

So, before the kids go back to school get ready to drive cool and calm with children’s safety in mind as you make your deliveries. Show your Millis pride with a safe ride for you and the kiddos making their way to class. For more tips check out this helpful resource here

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