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Record Breaking Number of Travelers this Fourth of July

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Record Breaking Number of Travelers this Fourth of July

There's going to be a lot of drivers on the road this week. As part of Fourth of July festivities, it is predicted that a record-breaking 46.9 million Americans will be traveling at least 50 miles or more. According to a news release from the AAA Corporate Offices out of Orlando, Florida, that is a 5 percent increase compared to last year. It is also the highest travel estimate since AAA started tracking holiday travel close to 20 years ago. Another 39.7 million drivers are also expected to be traveling more than 50 miles on road trips this holiday. As a result of the increased traffic, travel times in the most congested cities are expected to more than double.

Bill Sutherland, Senior Vice President of AAA Travel and Publishing, states, “This Independence Day will be one for the record books…” Part of that relates to the Fourth of July being on a Wednesday. Because it is in the middle of the week, the Independence Day holiday period is being defined as Tuesday, July 3 through Sunday, July 8.

INRIX, a company working alongside AAA, states that “drivers will experience the worst congestion over the holiday week on Tuesday, July 3 in the late afternoon – as commuters leave work early and mix with holiday travelers. Travel times could increase two-fold in the major metros across the U.S., with drivers in Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. experiencing the most significant delays.”

Scott Sedlik, General Manager and Vice President of INRIX says, “With a record-level number of travelers hitting the road this holiday, drivers must be prepared for delays around major metros. Although travel times are expected to nominally increase throughout the week, Tuesday afternoon will hands down be the worst time to be on the road. Our advice to drivers is to avoid peak commuting hours altogether or consider alternative routes.”

You will also want to remember that this holiday marks America's 243rd birthday. As Americans settle into their destinations, Wallethub.Com says there will be at least "a toast or two made to freedom." More than $1.5 billion is spent on beer and wine during the Fourth of July celebrations. Families are also expected to consume 150 million hot dogs, 750 pounds of chicken, and 190 pounds of red meat or pork. A funny thing to note is that Americans will spend more on condiments than they do on potato chips. To show the difference, numbers reveal that a whopping $203 million is spent on ketchup, mustard and relish and about $60 million on chips. Whatever is served, Fourth of July cook-outs are always the best.

It's going to be a busy week for everyone. With that said, plan wisely, drive safely and enjoy the food and fireworks!!

Happy Fourth of July from Millis Transfer.

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