What new drivers need to know about CDL-A Training Programs

When choosing a CDL-A training school, there’s no such thing as a "free ride." A number of driving schools, however, try to make it seem like their students are getting paid training or even free training. Sadly, those same students find out sooner or later that there’s no shortage of gimmicks when it comes to obtaining a license. A number of new recruits who sign a contract agreeing to work for a carrier for a number of years in return for “free training” or “reduced training costs,” inevitability end up paying all those training expenses back and more.

“It is important for those interested in joining the transportation industry to be cautious of some of the current marketing ploys out there. Students need to understand the true cost of their training programs,” Reid Ransom, Director of HR & Recruitment at Millis Transfer, said. “If it sounds too good to be true---then it probably is. With all the time and effort you are investing, it is worth your time to compare training programs and their true costs. Students who do so will quickly find that what sets our training program apart from others is that you actually pay less and get so much more in return.”

At Millis Transfer's Millis Training Institute (MTI), a small upfront cost is required to essentially reserve your spot in an upcoming class, a feel that ultimately is much less than the true cost of some of those “free programs.” Students who sign up with MTI also enjoy small student to teacher ratios. That means ample one-on-one attention and a very personalized experience during the 12-week program. Trainers are hands-on and support each student every step of the way.  This allows students to have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a company that is honest and reputable from day one.

When you get ready to choose a CDL-A training program, don’t fall for the ole’ bait and switch. Focus instead on choosing a program that makes your personal success possible. Visit MTIDriving.com to learn more about the Millis Training Institute. The site also provides a calculator that allows you to compare costs and benefits of other schools side-by-side. After all the research, you’ll find that Millis Training Institute offers one of the best programs in the industry and one of the most affordable as well.  

About Millis Transfer

Millis Transfer, Getting It There Since 1936, has an impressive service record earning dozens of “Carrier of the Year” awards. Headquartered in Black River Falls, Wis., Millis' top driver earned $116,000 in 2017 and the company raised driver pay again in May 2018. Extra perks for Millis drivers include a maximum pay rate of 58cpm, beautiful and well-maintained equipment outfitted with DirecTv and Sirius radio, and a long list of amenities and benefits.  Maintenance facilities and drop yards are strategically located throughout the company’s operating area. Its sister company, Millis Training Institute, offers five school locations that provide students with quality training in order to earn their CDL-A license. For more information, please visit www.millistransfer.com, www.mtidriving.com or call 1-800-937-0880.