Follow The Signs

There are a lot of signs in the United States. Sometimes they are welcome sites, like those illuminating needed information. Sometimes signs are strange and make sense only to those who live in a specific area. Throughout the years, business trends have had a significant influence on sign crafting. Innovation has brought a lot of changes, too.

According to the National Park Service (NPS), in the 1700s, it was not unusual for a nighttime sign to be lit by candles. Later on, sometime around 1840, P.T. Barnum built a sign that was illuminated by gasoline. When electricity arrived, signs were redesigned with the help of “light bulbs.” These are believed to grab attention and stimulate movement.

The use of illuminated signs with light bulbs is a trend that is still prominent today, but there are other types of signs that are popular, too. Signs can take the form of billboards, traffic signals, graffiti, corporate logos, or even flags. Surprisingly, buildings can also be signs. No matter the form, signs are important. They give us information. They direct us and they decorate our landscapes. Signs are a lot like signatures. They become part of a community's memory, giving continuity to certain spaces or locations. The changing of signs can also signify the changing of culture.

Most people don’t realize it, but truck drivers have a lot to do with the reasons signs are made. Truckers once served as the backbone of the local retail market. Today, they are the pillar of strength for the big box stores. And as one changes into the other, truckers meet the changing demands, while signage reflects the changing climate. Other signs may come and go as business needs change, but the Millis Transfer logo remains as constant as the northern star. Thanks to our drivers, our company name represents not only a sign of excellence, but a symbol of stability.

When you’re unsure about your direction, just follow the signs to us. You'll be glad you did.

About Millis Transfer

Millis Transfer, Getting It There Since 1936, has an impressive service record earning dozens of “Carrier of the Year” awards. Headquartered in Black River Falls, Wis., Millis is also a Certified Top Pay Carrier with some of the best equipment on the road. Maintenance facilities and drop yards are strategically located throughout the company’s operating area. Its sister company, Millis Training Institute, offers five school locations that provide students with quality training in order to earn their CDL-A license. For more information, please visit, or call 1-800-937-0880.