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Postage Stamps Featuring Truck Drivers & 18 Wheelers

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Postage Stamps Featuring Truck Drivers & 18 Wheelers

Not every industry gets its own postage stamp, but trucking has one. In 1981, the Post Office issued a ground-breaking “coil” stamp. It featured its own unique design. During the course of 15 years, more than 50 versions of the coil stamp was introduced. These were part of the “Transportation Series.” They featured a different mode of transportation on each one.

The 10 cent Tractor Trailer Stamp was first issued in 1991, as part of the ongoing Transportation Series. While railroads had once carried the majority of raw materials and manufactured goods, trucking was an industry on the move because it offered a more flexible system. Goods could be loaded and unloaded at the site of origin.  The building of the national highway system is what made trucking a practical resource.

According to online sources, the tractor trailer shown on the 10c stamp is the ancestor of the mighty 18 wheelers of today. The 10 cent Tractor Trailer Stamp, known as #2457, is part of a series that highlighted everything from the baby buggy to the racecar. It was first issued in 1991. It was then re-issued in 1994 as stamp #2458.

Most of the stamps in the Transportation Series were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. A few, however, were printed by private contractors.  For those interested in showcasing their tractor trailer pride, the 10 cent Tractor Trailer Stamp can be purchased online at various outlets such as the one listed here:

Throughout the years, truck drivers have undoubtedly mailed their share of letters. Truck drivers are getting more technologically savvy, but that doesn’t mean all of the truck drivers are utilizing their cell phones and computers in lieu of the stamp. 

While the post office did highlight the “tractor trailer,” it seems fitting that they should design a stamp honoring truck drivers as well. While they have not done that, there has been a series on the “pickup truck” and they have issued a “Highways and Bridges Commemorative Collection” that features areas like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Mississippi River---the kind of places that truck drivers usually visit more than the average person. 

According to online sources, writing letters, especially ones of gratitude, are special to those that recieve them. In the 1990s, as reported by the Statistic Brain website, a total of 268 billion letters were mailed annually. Nearly 20 years later, that number has decreased by about half. Although writing letters is not as popular a past-time as it once was, there are those who continue to send letters from the places that they travel.

For those drivers purchasing postage and engaging in "snail mail," there’s no need to wait any longer to get a postage stamp all your own. Plenty of online stores are now offering custom postage options. A number of interesting stamps have already been designed by truck driver enthusiasts and are visible online, such as the one located here:

The Post Office may eventually dedicate a series of stamps to the updated 18 wheelers and/or truck drivers of today. Until then, it is nice to know postage is now customizable, using the images that truck drivers want to showcase. That’s probably better than having an "official commemorative postage stamp." Although the world is still learning about the significance of the truck driver to the economy, at Millis Transfer, we know how valuable drivers are to the industry. That's why a new truck driver stamp would definitely get our official stamp of approval. We know what they sacrifice and what they contribute.

When you are ready to work for a company that values who you are, give us a call and a chance to show you just how much we care.

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