Health & Wellness: A Priority for Truck Drivers

A report from The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) suggests Driver Health & Wellness is now one of the Top 10 items of importance for those in the trucking business. Industry leaders are recognizing that by improving the health & wellness of truck drivers, they are also helping to improve retention. This is important as research findings suggest nearly 20% of those in trucking leave each year, citing health concerns.

By expanding and improving Driver Health & Wellness initiatives, concerns can be adequately addressed. Drivers not only stay on the job longer, but industry safety is enhanced considerably when solutions are offered. According to ATRI, “there is a positive correlation between driver health and driver safety.”

Those in the industry know that there is a lot more that could be done to help truck drivers reach their fitness goals. For instance, truck stops could increase availability of exercise facilities and healthy food choices. Social media could also expand mentoring and coaching opportunities. There's also Facebook Groups like “Truckin’ Runners” that are continuing to grow. These type of emerging groups connect drivers to industry support and information. There are also new apps designed by truck drivers that offer details about exercises drivers can do in their rigs.

A lot of truck drivers are dedicated athletes, especially those with military backgrounds. Truck drivers are also great supporters of athletic events, such as the Special Olympics. There are even truck driving convoys to help raise awareness and to provide support for those who train and showcase their athletic abilities year after year.

At Millis Transfer, we hear you. We recognize your dedication. That's why we provide the pay and amenities drivers want as well as the encouragement they "win" when it counts. Here at Millis Transfer, you're always our top priority and that's why supporting your health & wellness goals remains so vitally important to us.

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