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The Driver & The Evergreens

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The Driver & The Evergreens

While traveling across the United States, drivers see a lot of Evergreen Trees. Most people don't know it, but there is a long time legend about the Evergreen or the "Christmas Tree," one that reminds us of the importance of kindness and compassion.  The story goes something like this:

According to ancient folklore, there was once a helpless bird struggling to find shelter in the midst of winter. Most of the other birds had already left, in route to the south in search of warmer weather. As frost and snow covered the North, the little bird, who was suffering from a broken wing, was cold and hungry.

The bird looked to the trees of the forest for shelter. Sadly, the strong Oak would not help for fear that the bird would live there all winter and eat up the acorns. The Willow tree, with its beautiful gentle swaying limbs, also refused to help or even talk to the strange bird.

The bird remained in distress. Finally, the Spruce tree, with its strong pine exterior, volunteered to protect the little bird from the howling North Wind that frequently blew through the area in the winter. The little bird was so thankful.

After seeing the Spruce tree volunteer, it wasn’t long before a little Juniper tree joined in, offering its berries to the bird as food. So, it was there with the Spruce and Juniper trees that the bird lived comfortably, until its wing healed.

Because of the kindness exhibited by Spruce and Juniper trees, the Frost King spared them from the North Wind. The North Wind could be brutal, but the Frost King told the North Wind not to harm any of the leaves belonging to the Spruce, Juniper or Pine trees. Legend says the leaves of the Evergreen Trees are always green as a tribute to the kindness they showed the bird. And that is how the trees earned their name--- because the leaves of the Evergreens remain “ever green” thanks to their kindness.  

The legend of how the “Christmas Tree” got its name highlights the significance of compassion and a giving heart. It also makes us understand how those in need get what they need when we all work together. This holiday season, we are thankful for all the members of our Millis Transfer family. We sincerely appreciate the professionalism and dedication they give to their work, and all that they do in the midst of their work, to help others. The deeds of truck drivers across the United States make a tremendous difference in the lives of everyone.

If you are interested in working for a family that values your contributions and work ethic, then look no further. Millis Transfer is a place where you can enjoy the benefits of a career in the transportation industry and the camaraderie and compassion that comes from being a part of one of the best trucking families in the business. When you are ready to work for a company that cares, then its time to join Millis Transfer.

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