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Witches, Pumpkin Patches & Ghosts: Making the Most of Halloween

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Witches, Pumpkin Patches & Ghosts: Making the Most of Halloween

Truck drivers know that there are some spooky haunts across the country. This Halloween, what could be better, than visiting a few of them while out and about delivering loads?  For those seeking to conjure up the spirits, there are certainly plenty of options. When it comes to Halloween, truck drivers have a distinct advantage...they can visit the best places and have the most fun!

Are you fascinated by witches? Then Salem, Massachusetts is your go-to destination. Salem’s history is rooted in the 1692 witch trials and the town reflects its witch heritage with pride. For instance, the local school is called “Witchcraft Heights Elementary.” There is also a Salem Witch Museum and other spooky witch theme sights and stores. Even the police cars are said to have witch logos on them!

If you’re a pumpkin patch lover, then Pumpkintown, South Carolina is where you want to visit. This small town holds an annual Pumpintown Festival every second Saturday in October. Following the Pumpkintown Pumpkin Festival is the Pumpkintown Storytelling Festival on October 21. There’s also a Native American Celebration every November, which is one of the biggest events each year.

And for those planning a trip to Mills Transfer in Black River Falls, there’s plenty of unique and spooky Halloween haunts just waiting to be explored, like the old Opera House located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The Opera House is about a 45 minute drive from the Millis Transfer headquarters.

According to legend, the building was constructed in 1885. It is said to be the home of a spirit who likes to move chairs and close doors. If the chair moving and door clamoring doesn’t scare you, the ghosts just might. They say apparitions of two elderly persons have been spotted throughout the years, just watching the people who visit.

Regardless of where you decide to travel, drive extra cautious and have fun. From everyone at Millis Transfer, Happy Halloween!

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