Truck Drivers Talk Roads, Favorite Routes in Survey

Truck drivers can easily drive 100,000 miles or more a year. During that time, they  get a chance to see what roads they like and which ones they would like to avoid. Is there one route that drivers prefer? Results from a seven-day online survey of 385 random truckers found that a significant number of drivers favor long routes to and from either Florida or California.  

The preference to drive to Florida may have something to do with the area attractions, like the 595 Truck Stop, located at the intersection of I-595 and 441, near the Florida Turnpike. The Florida 595 Truck Stop is the only full service Truck Stop south of Ft. Pierce and it is the biggest truck stop on the east coast. It extends 44 acres, offering 12 fuel lanes and more than 450 parking spaces and a retail plaza.

Other locations, such as Billings, Montana are highly favored as well. Billings, located in a remote part of the country, is home to a major distribution center for consumer goods, agricultural products and oil. Noted as the “go-to” distribution center for the region, it has become a popular route for many drivers.

The survey, conducted by a software company, in an attempt to better visualize the routes drivers take most often, found that the “average length of favorite trips were 1,055 miles, while the average length of…least favorite and most common trips were 757 miles and 670 miles, respectively.”

Results of the survey indicate that more than 50 percent dislike congested “Rust Belt” routes, something attributed to population density and unpredictable weather patterns that can make it difficult to navigate.  Truckers in the survey, on average, also dislike routes they have to share with other truck drivers.

When asked where drivers deliver loads most frequently, the top answers include some of the nation’s major economic and shipping hubs, such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. Another place that was frequently mentioned included Austin, but it wasn’t the one in Texas. It was the one located in Minnesota, which happens to be home to the makers of spam lunch meat.

Is it just a great affinity for the lunch meat or is there something unique that keeps this little town on the most favorite list? It’s hard to say, but knowing some of the common trends about routes can help drivers and coordinators to anticipate and plan more effectively.

Fortunately, more and more advanced GPS solutions are becoming available. And with the help of modern technology, some of those least favored routes may get a little easier to navigate.

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