Small Towns and Truck Drivers

The United States is home to some of the most interesting small towns in the world. Ever heard of Waterproof, Louisiana or War, Virginia? Even if you have not, there are truckers who most likely have. Learning about history and visiting small towns across America is a unique benefit of the profession. Most truck drivers learn more about geography and history than the majority of people do in a classroom. Places like Waterproof are not likely to be mentioned in Geography class, however, even though it has quite a history.

As noted on National Public Radio, the community of Waterproof has less than 1,000 residents. In the early nineteen hundreds, it was a popular place for covered wagons crossing the Mississippi River. On any given day, there would be as many as 50 wagons, carrying settlers bound for Texas. Many of them were so tired by time they reached Waterproof, they simply decided to stay and make it home.

Located in the northern part of Louisiana, Waterproof is primarily a farming village. Cotton is the most common crop that is grown. Farmers also grow soybeans and corn. Aside from farming, a variety of products are shipped from the area including pecans, candies, hams, and 20-foot high deer hunting stands.

War, Virginia, a small town, about the size of Waterproof, is considered West Virginia’s most “southern” city. It was formerly known as Miner’s City. One of its more significant associations is with the movie industry. That association comes from their affliation with the setting in the movie “October Sky.”  View a photo of the welcome sign in War, Virginia.

While visiting small towns and learning about their history is fun, there is something even more important to consider in the truck driver and small town relationship. That is the fact that small towns, more often than not, depend on truck drivers. If drivers ever stop coming, many of these towns and resources like gas stations, are sure to disappear.

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