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Facebook Founder Makes a Visit to the Iowa 80 Truck Stop

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Facebook Founder Makes a Visit to the Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Mark Zuckerberg talks trucking with drivers.

Truckers meet some amazing people on the road. Just recently, a couple of drivers met Mark Zuckerberg, who visited the Iowa 80 Truck Stop. The Facebook Founder wrote about his conversations in a Facebook Post, sharing some of the more interesting highlights about the drivers he talked to, like the way one paid college tuition for his eight children by hauling loads.

Zuckerberg’s post details a lot about the business. It can be lucrative, and the work does pay dividends. And while it is a rewarding career, the lifestyle is different than those who have more stationary positions. As Zuckerberg found out, trucking is also a family oriented business. There are a lot of husband and wife teams at Millis Transfer. Many of their children are likely to follow in their footsteps, not because they have to, but simply because they want to.

Family dynamics, as a result, can be interesting. In Zuckerberg's post, he mentions one husband and wife that travel with three dogs. The couple alternate driving and sleeping in 12 hour shifts. When they are ready to rest, there's a bed in the cabin.

Zuckerberg’s day at the truck stop provides not only a glimpse of the truck driver lifestyle, he learns how the industry is advancing and the ways in which regulatory challenges impact drivers. “When the truckers I met started driving, you logged your driving hours on pieces of paper. Now it's electronic and automatic, which makes it harder to drive more hours than you're supposed to,” he says.

“Some people said they want to work longer, but they feel like regulations are getting in the way of their freedom and doing what they want to do. It's tough because those regulations try to keep people on the road safe.”

As one might expect, Zuckerberg has confidence in automation and believes technology will eventually support self-driving or autonomous transportation. In his post, he shares a few opinions he heard on the matter, such as: “Some thought it would be impossible to pack all the sensors you need to deal with things like weather into trucks. Others thought computers could handle the interstate but not the last mile to the store. And some truckers think we'll end up with something like autopilot on planes -- with trucks driving themselves with people in the cab.”  

Zuckerberg concludes, “From all the research I've seen, I'm confident we'll solve these problems. But it's interesting that people in the industry don't believe this will happen soon.”

While it is certain his visit to the truck stop took many by surprise, what a compliment that he would take an interest in a driver’s day-to-day activities and what a testament to the exciting things happening in the trucking business. You know if Mark Zuckerberg is on board your cab, he’s likely dreaming up some amazing new ways to benefit the industry---maybe even a way that truckers can engage with Facebook that adds more benefit and value to their work, and not just a pleasant distraction, like the nice people in cars who take a moment to wave, as they are riding down the highway.

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