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Surviving Ice and Snow

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Surviving Ice and Snow

Snow and ice can happen unexpectedly in the most unusual places. Driving in wintery conditions requires good judgment as traction is poor, visibility is usually low, and the roads can be unpredictable, requiring extreme caution. Safety should always be the guiding factor in decisions on when to drive and how fast to drive during severe weather.

To help minimize potential risks, the following recommendations are suggested for those facing icy or snowy travel routes:

1.)    Avoid excessive speed.

2.)    Travel alone, not as part of a pack.

3.)    Keep a safe distance from other cars and trucks.

4.)    Stop when conditions are questionable. Find a safe place to wait it out.

5.)    Try not to stop on the shoulder, especially in blinding snow or low visibility.  

6.)    Brake lightly and avoid overusing foot brake.

7.)    When possible, make certain all systems are working properly before driving.

8.)    Keep fuel tanks full. Extra weight helps to aid traction.

9.)    Make sure the essentials are packed.

10.)  Keep a bag of sand, jumper cables, and tire chains handy.

11.)  Watch for black ice.

12.)  Use caution when approaching bridges.

13.)  Be prepared for changing conditions when driving through the mountains.

14.)  Use common sense and good judgment. That's the best defense you have.


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