Dashboard Diagnosis: Tips For Tidiness

Are you fatigued? Depressed? Have you stopped caring about your cab? When a big mountain of dash trash is squashed under your windshield, it gives people that impression.

As drivers, we know that clutter in the cab is bound to happen when you’re driving for a living, but dash trash need not be a way of life. Stereotypes need not define you. Thankfully, there are a lot of storage solutions to help keep all the things you need safely stowed.

You might ask…“Does it really matter if I keep a clean cab?”
The answer would be yes.

A dash filled with junk might lead some authorities to the conclusion that a driver is too fatigued to drive—because maybe he or she is too fatigued to clean.

Did you know a junky dashboard was once considered part of a “Fatigued Driving Evaluation Checklist” that included other things like:

- Is the truck’s exterior dirty?
- Is the wastebasket full?

Some criteria for accessing truck drivers have changed, but authorities and customers do take caution when they see certain things. A junky, dirt mobile on wheels is one of them.

While it may be your right to put cleaning at the bottom of the to do list, online media indicate drivers with a dirty truck and windshield are still some of the first to be pulled over for inspection.

Avoiding unnecessary interruptions in the work day is not the only reason to keep a tidy cab; being neat also helps you to save a lot of money.

In 2002, an engineer named Tom Wagner, Jr., after several tests, reported improved fuel efficiency after washing his vehicle. Sources agree that when your cab is dirty, it weighs more.

Empty containers, dirt, dust build up, and all those extra unnecessary items filling up the cab require more fuel to haul. “The filth effect is said to cut fuel economy by 10 percent.”

There’s an adage in housekeeping, “Clean as you go.” This rule of thumb helps to keep things from piling up, including the gossip about why you’re not so tidy. It’s amazing, but investing in a couple of plastic containers, a few organizers, and putting a little time into wiping down your interior, will definitely help to improve things like fuel efficiency, visibility and most definitely the life of your defroster.

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