How Do Trucking Jobs Stack Up Against Other Professions?

Ever notice how trucking jobs and nursing jobs always seem to be available, regardless of economic climate? Maybe that’s because neither profession is a typical 9-to-5 job where you know what to expect when you go to work each day. Everyone would agree truck driving can be a demanding job, but how does it stack up against other professions?


Many recent college graduates have been hunting unsuccessfully to find a job that will help them pay off their college loan debt. By comparison, truck drivers are in demand, and many carriers are willing to help with the cost of training. A new truck driver can be trained in the time a new college freshman is still learning where all of his classes are, and be earning as much as most new college graduates.

In the years a new college freshman is racking up debt to earn a degree, the new truck driver is racking up experience that generally equates to increased longevity bonuses. Trucking jobs involving long hauls and keeping a clean safety record can also increase bonuses.


Unlike many jobs these days, truck drivers usually receive excellent medical, dental, vision, and life insurance from employers. Trucking companies understand that keeping drivers healthy is important to keeping drivers on the road. And unlike other jobs, trucking jobs do not lend themselves to being cut to part-time status. To find out about the excellent benefits offered by Millis Transfer, visit our benefits page at

While many employees—even manufacturing workers—see their hours cut to under 30 hours per week, truck drivers are unlikely to experience similar reductions. Given the shortage of drivers and the nature of hauling freight, the trucking industry is not susceptible to the reduction of hours trend other industries have experienced.


Few professions give employees so much control over their own schedules. Depending on the amount of time you want to spend on the road, you can choose local runs, regional routes, or long hauls. Dedicated routes provide a routine. If meeting family commitments is important to you, choose a family-friendly carrier like Millis Transfer works with you to schedule your home time.

Being a Paid Tourist

Even airline pilots don’t get to see the country and visit the variety of places available through trucking jobs. Imagine watching the sun set in to the Pacific Ocean in the evening and viewing the sun as it rises over the Rockies the next morning. Imagine seeing the fall colors in the Northeast every year. How about visiting a different national park every time you have a day off? How many Civil War battlefields can you visit?

Truck drivers probably know the country better than anyone. They meet new people and see new sights regularly. There just isn’t another profession like it.

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