How do I Know if a Trucking Job is Right for Me?

Not every trucking job is right for every truck driver. If you’re new in the industry, you might be wondering what type of job would best suit you. If you’ve been driving in the same role for a few years or more, you might be bored and wondering if there isn’t something a little different you might enjoy more. Maybe you just want to know if answering an ad for a different company offering more pay is worth the risk. That is where Millis Transfer comes into the picture.

trucking-jobHome time

Perhaps the most challenging demand of any trucking job is the time spent away from home. Before you settle on any job, you need to know how much home time to expect and how flexible the company will be. Will you be doing over-the-road jobs requiring 7 to 14 days out at a time? If you are a new driver with less than one year’s experience, it may be expected.

If you have important events like a child’s birthday or your brother’s wedding, will you be able to have the time off? Look at the long term. How long do you need to be with the company before you have flexibility in terms of scheduling? It might be worth a year of two-week stints for the promise of more flexible time or shorter hauls down the road, if you can see it through. One thing is for certain, Millis Transfer works with drivers to ensure as much as possible they don’t miss important family events. Don’t believe us? Check out our Facebook page and read some of the comments and you will see we are true to our word.


What type of equipment will you be using? Will the carrier provide a new truck with low mileage? Will you be hauling a single type of trailer, or will the type and size of trailer vary? Different trailer types have different requirements:

  • Flatbed: Require you to strap down the load. Are you comfortable with that?
  • Refrigerated: Could have time-sensitive delivery schedules. Also, these types of rigs often have more equipment to break down.
  • Tankers: You will need additional permits and endorsements. Who pays for that?


For any trucking job, the amount of pay is often a deciding factor. Is it worth the pay to do what you are being asked to do? You will want to know how you get paid and how much you can expect to get paid. Usually, truck drivers are paid by the mile, and can expect higher pay for more experience.

If you are expected to do something in addition to driving, such as load or unload your own freight, you should expect higher pay as well. You might also want to check into bonuses. Clean safety records and the longer you work for the company usually equate to more bonuses.

Trucking jobs give you an opportunity to be a paid tourist, see the country, and meet new people. But each job is unique in its demands and its compensations. To learn more about opportunities with Millis Transfer, Inc., visit our website or give us a call.

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