Top 6 Reasons a Trucking Career Might be Better than College

Can a trucking career really be better than attending college? Anybody that’s seen Over the Top already knows that life beyond the classroom can be exciting and action-packed, but they may not know that lifestyle is more attainable than one might think. Everyone needs a good education, but for some that education is to be found on the road rather than in a classroom. Let’s face it, four years of books and scantron test forms isn’t for everyone.

The Cost

One of the biggest problems with college is the cost. Not everybody can afford to spend four or more years going in debt for the chance at applying for jobs that may or may not be available. Ask the barista at your local café; they’ll tell you that paying off the debt they incurred earning their English degree is long, hard work, then they’ll say “Here’s your coffee.” Pursuing a trucking career costs a fraction of what a college education does, and there are always jobs to be found.

The Time

Millis Training Institute prepares you to pass your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and begin your trucking career in four weeks at one of their four locations. 4 weeks preparing for a paycheck is nothing compared to 4 years of digging into student loans and debt at a college. You could be on the road (earning money) in the amount of time it’d take to write a dissertation over Kerouac’s “On The Road.”

The Opportunity

No college, not even Harvard, can guarantee you’ll get a job. There are too many factors. The corporate landscape is changing daily, just look at that movie Wallstreet. By the time you graduate, the jobs that college prepares you for may not be there anymore. Ask your barista.

Freight, on the other hand, has to move, and in a trucking career you will move it. With a CDL, you know jobs are waiting. With an undergrad degree, you might as well practice saying “Here’s your coffee.”

The Usefulness

Are you willing spend the time and money it takes to slog through the college core classes, like algebra or state history, just so you can get a degree in a field that has nothing to do with any of those subjects, or would you rather spend a month learning to drive a rig and know a job offer is waiting when you’re done? Do you know what the capital of Michigan is? You will after you’ve been there! Otherwise, who cares?  The choice is yours.

The Freedom

A trucking career comes with the wide-open roads of America. Some people don’t mind spending almost half a decade of training so they can sit in a cubicle, and that’s fine, but a cubicle doesn’t come with a window you can roll down, or the fresh air, or rolling hills or any of the other perks that come with having an office on the highway. Not many people get to grab a Philly Cheesesteak in Philly for lunch and a Chicago deep-dish pizza in Chicago for dinner.

Not having to wear a tie every day.

To some folks wearing a tie every day is not a fun experience and with a trucking career you won’t have to!

If any of the above points speak to you, then you may give some serious thought to a trucking career. Start earning real money rather than spending four or more years in college for a chance at the employment lines.

Plus, office jobs don’t allow arm wrestling.

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