Truck Job Truths: Myth vs. Fact

There are a lot of myths floating around about what a truck job is really like. A lot of people have outdated or even outlandish ideas about what a career as a professional truck driver entails. It’s time to wipe away the bugs and grime and get a clear view of the facts.

MYTH 1: Truck drivers are poor

First, quite a few people think truck drivers are poor. While it’s true truck drivers aren’t in the top 1 percent of income earners, neither are the rest of the 99 percent of the population. But while many recent college graduates are still out looking for a job to pay off their college debts months after walking the line, truck drivers are in demand. In the time a college freshman is still trying to learn where his classes are, a new truck driver can be trained and on the road earning a living. Many trucking firms will also help reimburse the cost of training for new hires.

While college students are racking up debt with fewer prospects of landing a job, truck drivers are gaining valuable experience. Experience often turns into longevity bonuses. So while college students go deeper into the red, a truck job provides increasing income.

MYTH 2: Truck drivers are lazy

Perhaps because truck drivers sit for long hours, people have the notion that equates to laziness. But controlling a multi-ton rig moving at high speeds does not allow for daydreaming or long conversations at the water cooler. Maneuvering an 18-wheeler through multiple lanes of traffic in an urban environment during rush hour is no office party.

Truck driving is a serious, demanding profession. A truck job takes dedication, concentration, and a good deal of patience. The nature of the industry quickly weeds out those who are truly lazy.

MYTH 3: All truck drivers are men

Anyone who still believes this must have been living in a time warp for the past few decades. While truck driving was once an exclusively male occupation, so was almost every other line of work beyond nursing and the secretarial pool. Women have made in-roads in the truck driving profession, just as they have in other fields.

MYTH 4: Truck drivers can’t do anything else

Some people think they can be truck drivers simply because they can’t do anything else. They might be surprised at the number of college graduates who become truck drivers. Even MBAs, tired or disillusioned by the corporate grind, become truck drivers. Truck drivers come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of experiences because they like what a truck job has to offer—things like good pay, steady work, and the opportunity to earn a living while traveling across the country.

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