What the Best Truck Driving Schools Offer?

If you’re looking to enter the truck driving profession, you want to choose one of the best truck driving schools to get your training. Finding a truck driving school is easy—but to find the best, you need not look further than the Millis Training Institute.  We realize not everyone can make it to one of our training facilities so here is a guide to what to look for in a good training program.



You want to train on good equipment. The programs run by the local community or technical college, or the school run by a retired truck driver, might be using equipment that was built before you were born. While these choices might be cheaper, look for a school that can provide newer, well-maintained equipment. Learning is enough of a challenge; you don’t want to worry about the equipment too.

Also, make sure the program you enroll in calls for practice pulling a weighted trailer. Experienced truck drivers can attest there is a significant difference between pulling an empty trailer and one that is fully loaded, especially on a grade. The best truck driving schools provide opportunities to experience both.


The classrooms should be clean, well maintained, and equipped with audiovisual equipment. The school should have a practice range large enough to give you the confidence you need before you get on the road for real.


Instructors should be experienced drivers as well as excellent teachers. The best truck driving schools have faculties large enough to give students personal attention. Your instructors should have at least three years’ experience as a professional truck driver before teaching.

Drive Time

You should receive at least 44 hours of behind-the-wheel training. This is not time spent in a simulator or time spent observing your instructor or another student driving, but 44 hours of training with you in control of the rig. That’s one full week. You should have plenty of time on the road to get comfortable in traffic. The best truck driving schools will give you more time.

Program Length

By now it should be clear you can’t get the classroom instruction you need and the time behind the wheel required in just two weeks. Good schools will last at least three weeks, with one week in the classroom, one week on the practice range, and one week on the road.

When choosing the best driving schools, cost shouldn’t be a consideration. Why? Because the best schools will either help you get a job or provide one. For instance, Millis Transfer, Inc. runs four schools in the United States to train our drivers, and we offer a job when you pass.

To learn more about how Millis Transfer offers the best truck driving schools to get you started in your career, visit our website or give us a call, and join us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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