Guide to Truck Driving Schools

Looking for truck driving schools? They’re not hard to find. In fact, just about anywhere in the United States you can probably find one within commuting distance of your home. So, if you’re just looking, you’re in good shape.

But if you want a new career or are transitioning from the military into the civilian workforce, looking is not what you are about. You need something for the long haul. You need a school that will set you on the right road and take you where you want to go. But how do you find the right truck driving school?

If you want a school to get you started in the trucking industry, go to a school the trucking industry looks to for new drivers. You can get a law degree at a lot of universities, but there is a reason why the big law firms recruit from Harvard Law School: reputation. The same is true for truck driving schools. You want to find a school with a stellar reputation in the truck driving industry.

One way to do that is to check out social media. Find out what graduates and others have to say about the school. The Facebook page of the Millis Training Institute is full of comments like these:

  • “Great place to start and continue your trucking career. Nice equipment, plenty of miles, and lots of opportunity. I am very pleased with my decision. I started as a student and became an OTR driver.”— Jason K
  • “Ok got my driving school part done, got to go through some paperwork next few days, talked with my trainer driver, should be leaving out next week on my birthday, if all stays as planned. The instructor trainers past 3 weeks have been outstanding. They put up with me for 3 weeks; they are tough, but patient, lol.”—Darren P.

When choosing between truck driving schools, you don’t want to know just what students think. After all, “Party U.” has a great reputation among students and graduates living in mom and dad’s basement. What about instructors and examiners?

  • “I took my trainee Russ to a CDL Test Facility in PA and am pleased to report that, along with passing his CDL Pre-Trip, Skills, and Road Test, the examiner commented on how nice Millis’ equipment is, how prepared the students and trainers are, and that we do a fine job at our schools. It is refreshing to go to a test site and not be treated like a 2nd class citizen.”  ( MTI  Instructor)

It’s easy to see Millis Training Institute has a good reputation with students, teachers, drivers in the industry.

Getting your CDL is an important first step in starting your truck driving career. Choosing the right school among the many truck driving schools out there may be the biggest decision of your career. Look for one that has a reputation for moving careers forward.

Transitioning into a new career does not have to be difficult. With training from the Millis Training Institute and the excellent driving opportunities from Millis Transfer, military veterans and others looking for a fresh start can begin an exceptional career in the trucking industry. Millis Transfer wants you to have a long, successful and healthy career. To learn more, visit the Millis Transfer website or call 800-937-0880.

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