Truck Driving Jobs vs. Cubicle Jobs

It’s really not fair, you know, comparing truck driving jobs to cubicle jobs. Sure, you might have a chance of promotion in a cubicle job you wouldn’t have driving a truck — a promotion to a bigger cubicle and the opportunity to get up and walk around to check on people in other cubicles — but maybe you can compensate by buying a bigger cab.

Some people actually say they prefer cubicle jobs to truck driving jobs because they couldn’t take sitting all day in a confined space. Really? Come to think of it, maybe a cubicle job and driving a truck aren’t so different. Except in a cubicle, you are surrounded on three sides by gray cloth walls, which only change when you change the calendar, while in a truck you are surrounded on three sides by windows, and views that are constantly changing.

If you are sociable, working in a cubicle might have advantages. After all, in a cubicle everyone knows your business. That’s because everyone can see when you get up to go do it. At least you don’t have to raise your hand and ask permission when you need to go to the restroom. Do you?

And with truck driving jobs, you don’t have your supervisor (remember that promotion?) popping by to check on you. Can you imagine how that would work? A motorcycle comes racing up with your boss and he signals you to pull over so he can ask you how you’re doing? Maybe all the drivers could gather at the same truck stop for one of those highly-productive, super morale-boosting weekly staff meetings.

As a truck driver, you might spend one week on the coast and the next in the mountains. You could start the morning in the desert and end the day in the fertile heartland. Cubicle workers might have the opportunity to see the country as well, if they can sneak in time to surf the Internet. You might say the real difference between truck driving jobs and cubicle jobs comes down to the choice of the prairie dog: would you like to see one or be one?

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