Truck Driving Jobs: Thanksgiving on the Road

Truck driving jobs often require you to be on the road during those important family get-togethers. Because of the need to get goods delivered during the holiday retail season, missing out on Thanksgiving with the family can pose a particular problem. How do truckers handle Thanksgiving on the road?

Keep in Touch

While it can be hard on families to be apart during significant holidays, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity of a good job. Carriers often provide bonuses for drivers on the road for Thanksgiving, and those bonuses can go a long way toward bolstering family finances.

Fortunately, modern technology makes it easy to check in with loved ones when you can’t be there in person. Phone calls let you hear each other’s voices, but pictures and videos are now possible as well. Truck driving jobs no longer need be as lonely as they once were.


Of course, while being with family is important; it’s the food that takes center stage on Thanksgiving. How can you get a home-cooked meal when you can’t be at home? You might be surprised.

Several restaurants understand the hardships of truck driving jobs, and offer working drivers a free meal or special discount on Thanksgiving. Several of the truck stop chains and local truck stops provide special meals to satisfy the urge for Thanksgiving turkey.

While churches are known for feeding the homeless, they also provide for those with other needs. You might find a local ministry offering home-cooked meals to those traveling.

One often overlooked advantage to truck driving jobs taking you on the road during Thanksgiving: you can sample some of the regional specialties offered across the country. Different parts of the U.S. have different dishes that complement the Thanksgiving feast. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

In the South, expect to find pecan pie and sweet potatoes. New England will have side dishes featuring cranberries, apples, and maybe a touch of maple. And while you’re sure to find turkey, whether you find it dressed or stuffed will depend on where you look.

Other Concerns

Remember, the holidays bring an increase in traffic on the roadways. Allow yourself more time and more space so you can arrive at your destination safe and sound and on time. You also need to monitor weather and road conditions. Be prepared for icy roads, as the air turns colder. Don’t forget, a lot of shoppers will be on the road early on Black Friday looking for bargains. That’s the reason some of us have truck driving jobs this Thanksgiving in the first place.

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