Winter Survival Checklist for Your Truck Driving Job

A truck driving job with Millis Transfer is an all-weather career. Working in the outdoors in different regions of the country, you can experience the hottest summers and the coldest winters. Even if you start on a warm, sunny coast in the morning, you might find yourself in snowy mountains by evening. What do you need to be prepared?


There are a few things you should pack with you on every truck driving job. These everyday essentials should include a first aid kit, toolkit, emergency flares, flashlight, jumper cables, a charged cellphone and a cellphone charger.

Cold Weather Basics

If you expect cold weather, you will find these items helpful even if you don’t have an emergency. In fact, having them might just keep an inconvenience from becoming a survival situation.

  • Warm socks, a hat, and waterproof gloves. You lose most of your body heat through your head and feet. Keeping them covered can help prevent hypothermia. Wet hands in cold weather freeze, and become numb and unusable.
  • Windshield deicer and a scraper.  If you can’t see where you’re going, pull over and clear the windshield.

Cold Weather Survival

If you do find yourself in a survival situation in cold weather, having a few extra items might make all the difference. If you are trapped in your truck during a cold weather truck driving job, having a few simple items might save your life or someone else’s.

  • Non-perishable foods. Dried fruit, nuts and granola work well. Peanut butter and crackers are a good choice as well.
  • Bottled water. In a survival situation, water is generally more important than food, but in cold weather make sure you have both.
  • Extra medication. When you are stuck or stranded, the last thing you want to do is run out of blood pressure or other necessary prescription medication.
  • Sleeping bags or blankets. If you can’t stay warm, you won’t be able to sleep.

Millis Transfer considers our drivers family and aims to keep them safe. If you’re interested in a truck driving job, visit our website or give us a call.

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