Truck Driving On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude for everything you have and spend time with your loved ones. What if duty calls and you end up truck driving on Thanksgiving Day? With the following tips, you’re sure to enjoy the holiday, even if you’re away from family.

Call Home

Modern technology makes it easy to keep in touch, even if you’re truck driving on Thanksgiving. Arrange a time to chat with your spouse, kids and grandkids on the holiday. Take it one step further by video chatting with your loved ones at home. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone and access to Wi-Fi or cellular data and you can connect with your family on Thanksgiving.

Eat a Home-Cooked Meal

Who says you can’t enjoy an authentic Thanksgiving meal just because you’re on the road? Truck stop restaurants, churches and other locations sympathize with the hardships of being a truck driver. Many endeavor to boost your spirits by offering a special discount to truck drivers on Thanksgiving Day. Check which locations along your truck driving route are offering discounted meals on Thanksgiving to ensure you eat your fill that day.

Keep Other Concerns in Mind

The day after Thanksgiving – “Black Friday” – is the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s perhaps the reason you were called to your truck driving assignment on Thanksgiving in the first place. Expect the traffic to increase during this holiday time, and drive more cautiously to help you reach your final destination safely.

The weather also starts to turn bad in most parts of the country this time of year. Keep in mind that slippery roads, poor visibility and other hazards could slow you down as you make your deliveries. With this information in mind, you can stay focused on driving safely on Thanksgiving or every other day of the year.

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