Are You Prepared for Hot Weather Truck Driving?

Truck driving is pretty much an all-weather profession, which means you and your rig need to be ready for anything. Extreme temperatures challenge you and your truck. With the summer season comes hot weather, and you need to be prepared.

Pre-trip inspections are always important, but they become doubly important with extremely hot weather. When the mercury is hovering around triple digits, you don’t want to be guessing about the condition of you or your truck. Truck driving is a profession, not an act of faith.

With extreme heat, here are some items to double check every time you hit the road:

  • tire air pressure and mounting pressure
  • the condition of all hoses
  • engine oil is at the proper level
  • gauges are all operating properly
  • belts for breaks or cracks and tightness
  • coolant level is topped off and you have extra in reserve

Truck driving is hard work, and hot weather can be hard on you as well. A truck can’t run without a driver, and it’s only as safe as the person behind the wheel. Keep yourself running cool with these suggestions:

  • stay hydrated and keep plenty of drinking water handy
  • keep tuned in to the weather along your route
  • keep your left side arm and face protected from UV
  • have sun protection if you are outside even for a short time
  • wear a hat to shade your head

If you don’t have air conditioning, keep air circulating in the cab. Use a damp neck wrap to keep cool. Remember, a window does not provide much protection from UV sunlight. There is a reason skin cancer in the US is most common on the left side.

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