How the Truck Driving Community is Embracing Social Media

Truck driving can be a lonely occupation at times, which is why truckers have increasingly turned to technology to stay connected. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that mule train drivers in the Old West used the telegraph to keep in touch.

truck-drivingToday, the technology is the wireless Internet. Whether you connect with a Wi-Fi capable laptop or through a smartphone, you have a choice of social media channels through which to communicate. Drivers and trucking companies use them all, but each channel has distinct characteristics that make it best suited for a particular purpose.


Twitter, for instance, can be used to direct users to important articles pertaining to the truck driving community. It might be an article about new regulations or a blog about how to stay safe on the road. You might have made your way to this article because someone shared it via a tweet. You might also be carrying your current load because of Twitter. More and more brokers and carriers advertise for drivers through social media.


LinkedIn provides an effective platform for companies and drivers to connect. You can maintain a running résumé along with a readily available list of references and recommendations. You can stay connected to other truckers in the truck driving industry by joining LinkedIn groups.


Trucking companies have turned to Facebook to further engage with their customers and build enriching communities. Interacting with customers and employees in near real time gives companies a more personal image. This platform helps everyone remember that business is about people. It’s also a great place to share feel-good stories and demonstrate that the company doesn’t shy away from consumer complaints and handles them in proactive fashion.

YouTube, Skype and Facetime

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video can be priceless. Whether you talk face-to-face using one of the various video chat channels like Skype or Apple’s Facetime, or record your images to uplink and share, video provides the most intimate long distance connection. It also serves as a useful teaching and learning tool.

When to Use

Whether you use social media in your truck driving career or business to keep in touch and stay informed, remember to do so safely and responsibly. While you’re at it, check out Millis Transfer on social media at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also visit our website or give us a call.

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