How Truck Drivers Impact Your Holidays

Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of the holiday season. If you travel between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you might think you see a lot more trucks on the road, and you would be right. More goods are moving during the holiday season than any other time of the year.

Retailers want to stock their shelves with plenty of gift ideas for shoppers, and truck drivers bring the goods to fill those shelves. During the four or five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, some retailers do almost half their sales for the year. Those deliveries are essential to the success of many small businesses.

Meanwhile, manufacturers try to get every last item they can to store shelves. Some have additional inventory just for this time of year. Others encounter unexpected sales and are rushing to meet those demands. Truck drivers not only deliver the finished goods, they also bring in the parts and materials to make those finished products.

In addition to trying to meet the demands of their job, drivers also try to make sure they get home for the holidays. No one wants to be on the road away from family during the holidays if it can be helped. Having a loaded trailer on the trip home might make the difference between a profitable year and a not-so-profitable year for some truck drivers.

So while traveling this holiday season, rather than being annoyed by the increased truck traffic you encounter, you might want to thank those drivers for delivering all those presents you received and gave, and for delivering supplies and materials that keep factories running. You might also want to say a little prayer for their safe journey home as well.

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