Christmas Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road. Finding a gift they can use while they drive might seem a bit challenging, but you may be surprised at what might just be on a driver’s wish list. Whether you look for items for the average working man (or woman), the traveler, or something specifically for those who make a living driving, you’re likely to find the perfect item for the truck driver in your life.

Working Ideas

  • How about a good pair of work boots, perhaps even steel-toed boots for safety? Truck drivers often want to wear a comfortable pair of shoes when driving long distances; depending on the locations and materials, a good pair of work boots might be essential.
  • Sunglasses cut the glare on sunny days in the winter as well as during the summer. Sunlight reflected off of snow could be more blinding than the beach. Anyone working outdoors would appreciate a good pair of sunglasses; for truck drivers, they are essential safety equipment.

Traveling Gifts

  • Satellite radio lets drivers listen to their favorite selections no matter where they travel. No need for the inconvenience—and potential danger—associated with switching stations every few miles. A good satellite radio makes for good company on the road.
  • A smartphone or other device capable of storing and playing music could also help relieve the boredom often encountered on long stretches of highway. Listening to a selection of favorite tunes selected by a loved one also helps alleviate the loneliness of the road.
  • A Bluetooth headset makes listening safer and more convenient. Bluetooth means no wires tangling up in the cab and no connections to plug in.

Drivers Only

  • A GPS seems indispensable for truck drivers these days, especially those not driving a familiar route. Did you know there are GPS systems made especially for professional drivers? The ability to plan a route rather than just find the shortest path between two points requires something more sophisticated than your average GPS.
  • While most drivers would never need or use a wooden tire thumper, professional drivers need a good one to check for low air pressure or road damage. A quick test of the tires before hitting the road helps ensure a safe journey. As a gift, it shows not only how much you care, but also how much you understand what truck drivers do.

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