“Come In Base”—Ways for Truck Drivers to Stay Connected With Loved Ones on the Road

When they head out to spend several days on the road, truck drivers often worry about leaving loved ones behind. You can be torn between supporting your family by hauling a load or being there for that birthday party or baseball game. Thanks to modern technology, you can come very close to doing both. Staying connected is no longer the problem it once was.truck-drivers

Cell phones

Gone are the days when truck drivers had to carry a bag full of change to dump into a roadside pay phone to call home. Cell phones have made pay phones obsolete for the most part. You can call anybody, anywhere, anytime. Of course, you shouldn’t be driving when you call, and you might find a few dead spots (no cell reception) on any given route, but there is no reason truck drivers can’t hear a loved one’s voice two or three times a day, if necessary.

Social media

Most smart phones also let you keep in touch through social media. Using Facebook, you can upload pictures of where you have been. (Again, don’t take pictures while you’re driving. Not that you would, but we want to make the lawyers happy.) Millis Transfer truck drivers are paid tourists; Facebook lets you share the great job you have with all your friends.

If you need to stay up to date in real time with loved ones or the local scene back home, Twitter does that. Getting short updates keeps you in the loop on breaking news on the home front and in your local community.

Face to face

If you have Internet or a WiFi connection, you can take your communication to the next level using streaming video. Whether it’s Skype, Google + Hang Outs, Apple’s Face Time or a similar service, you can see who you’re talking to or what they’re talking about. You can watch your daughter’s dance recital or your son’s baseball game, and even play peek-a-boo with the baby, because the baby can see you too.

Not only do truck drivers have more ways to stay connected to home base, the connections provide better interaction than ever before. The latest technology really does give you the sense of being there.

As a family-founded and family-oriented business, Millis Transfer makes it a priority for you to keep in touch with loved ones. To learn more about what we do to provide you with a satisfying career while you support your family, visit our website.

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