Truck Driver Tips | Best Use of Downtime on the Road

While you certainly spend most of your time driving and earning good money out on the road, Hours of Service (HOS) rules require you to take some much needed downtime after a long period behind the wheel. How do you spend these hours away from home when you’re not driving? Use these ­truck driver tips to make the most of your time.

  • Sleep: It’s the number one way to use your downtime to the fullest. After all, your job requires you to stay alert behind the wheel for long stretches at a time. A good rest between shifts is essential for driving safely.
  • Exercise: Your job may take you across the country, but you do so while seated. Staying in shape is an important ­truck driver tip. Exercise helps you feel more energetic and improves your health to help you avoid unwanted time away from work and hefty medical bills. Include a quick, 30-minute workout or brisk walk outside to reinvigorate your body and mind.
  • Family time: Even if you’re hundreds of miles from home, technology lets you stay in touch with the people who matter most. Take the time to call, message or Skype with your loved ones during your downtime. This ­truck driver tip helps you feel more involved between home time visits.
  • Education: Continuing your education is a great use of downtime. Consider signing up for an online course or two, or just spend time reading about topics that interest you.
  • Read a good book: Even if it’s not necessarily educational, getting lost in a good book is an enjoyable way for many Millis Transfer truck drivers to pass the time. Another useful ­truck driver tip is to get an e-reader so you can buy new books on the go without taking up any more space in the cab.
  • Write in your journal: The experiences you have as a truck driver will be lost forever if you don’t document them. Record your feelings and adventures from life on the road so you can look back on them years from now and share them with your children.

If you have what it takes to live the exciting life of a truck driver, Millis Transfer is here to help you have a long, healthy and successful career. To learn more about how to become a paid tourist, call (800) 937-0880 or APPLY NOW at

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