Truck Driver Tips | Just How Far is One Million Miles?

Millis Transfer’s Million Mile Safe Driving Club has an elite membership. Joining the ranks of Million Mile Safe Drivers is an accomplishment to be proud of because it means you drove one million miles without getting in an accident. It takes hard work, dedication and an unfaltering commitment to safety to reach this goal. Just how far is one million miles, you might ask? Let’s see:

  • It would take almost two years of driving 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 60 miles per hour to travel one million miles.
  • You would have to follow the equator around the Earth 40 times to go one million miles.
  • A spaceship could travel to the moon and back – twice – before it has gone one million miles.
  • Venus, the closest planet to Earth, is about 162 million miles away.

Does that put one million miles into perspective? It’s clear that reaching that magic number without any accidents is quite an accomplishment. Use these ­truck driver tips for making it into the Million Mile Safe Driving Club:

  • Put the cell phone away. If you must talk, use a hands-free unit, but never text behind the wheel.
  • Keep your distance. In an abrupt braking situation, it takes up to 15 seconds – or a quarter mile at interstate speeds – to come to a complete stop.
  • Be extra attentive in adverse weather conditions. If the weather doesn’t clear up, pull over and call your fleet manager to convey the situation. It’s better for your delivery to be late than for you to get in an accident.
  • Follow the speed limit. When it comes to curve speed limits, drive below the limit posted, which is geared toward smaller vehicles that are less prone to tipping.
  • Check and recheck blind spots. Know where other drivers are around you. Don’t assume everyone knows to stay out of your blind spots.
  • Know when you need a break. Driving fatigued is incredibly dangerous. When you feel drowsy, do yourself and others on the road with you a favor: pull over and take a nap.

If you have what it takes to live the exciting life of a truck driver, Millis Transfer is here to help you have a long, healthy and successful career. To learn more about how to become a paid tourist, call (800) 937-0880 or APPLY NOW at

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