Thank a Truck Driver

Have you ever driven down the highway – sunglasses on, favorite music blasting – and wondered where that truck driver you just passed is headed? He might be on his way to your favorite grocery store to stock the shelves with milk, bread, eggs and other staples you buy weekly. Or he could be headed to a hardware store to deliver the tools, lumber and other raw materials you need for your upcoming home improvement project. You may wonder where he’s going, but have you ever taken the time to thank a truck driver?

Think about the country’s entire economy. It would come to a standstill if the transportation industry didn’t have such a solid infrastructure. Consider that, with the economy on the rise, more homes are being built. That means manufacturing is on the rise, which in turn means more raw materials must be transported to production facilities. When those raw materials are turned into finished goods for a new home’s structure and interior, they must then be shipped to distribution centers where construction companies can pick them up and retail stores where homeowners can purchase them.

A majority of this necessary transport is done by truck. The same goes with just about any industry that deals in physical goods. That’s why, unless the store’s name and logo are featured on the truck, it’s so hard to guess where that big rig you just passed is headed. No matter what, you know one thing for sure: our economy would fail almost instantly if we couldn’t count on those hardworking men and women to keep the country moving forward – literally.

So the next time you pass a diligent truck driver on the highway or see workers unloading a truck at the back of your favorite department store, stop and say thanks.

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