The Holiday Season Is Underway

The 2016 holiday season has arrived. According to a recent poll, 34 million consumers started their Christmas shopping in September and one million had it done by October 2016. Early birds might have it wrapped up, but most will be traveling to retail outlets in the next few weeks for Black Friday and pre-Christmas sales. In fact, survey respondents indicate, 58% of holiday shoppers want to do their shopping in-person at stores.

An interesting fact published online by the National Center for Business Journalism says that males spent the most money on Black Friday in 2015. All in all, we hear a lot about “Black Friday,” but most of us are not familiar with how the event got its name. According to History.Com, the phrase is related to the crash of the U.S. gold market on September 24, 1869. The most common reference, however, is about the retailers who go from red to “black,” earning the first profit of the year, the day after Thanksgiving.

History.Com says the term “Black Friday” originated in Philly in the 1950s. According to their sources, it was used to describe the chaos that happened in stores the day after Thanksgiving, when hordes of shoppers and tourists flooded the city to attend a big Army-Navy football game that was held every year. Stores in Philadelphia wanted to change the name to “Big Friday,” but the phrase never stuck. Retailers did, however, reinvent the term “Black Friday” in the late 80s and that is how we came to know it as a shopping holiday.

With all the sales and excitement, this can be a fun time of the year for drivers, with plenty of food to be found along favorite routes. As one publication reports, truck drivers traveling through Idaho can get a free meal on Thanksgiving Day at the Boise Stage Stop. There will be other locations that offer free meals as well. For those that do not eat out, utilizing a portable crock pot is becoming more and more of a popular trend, especially for health-conscious truckers.

Thanksgiving, regardless of where you travel, is historically a busy time, not only in stores, but on the roads, too. PRNewswire reports, “One in four U.S. adults plan to make all of their holiday purchases by the end of November.” That means last minute shoppers are also likely to be out in full force as Christmas Day draws near. Driving this time of year can be a wonderful, festive adventure, but it is good to be extra cautious as well.

Even in the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush, there’s still plenty of time for those interested in trucking to make the dream of driving a big rig a reality. We know there are a lot of choices, but we think you’ll find, no matter where you look, the best opportunities are here with us. At Millis Transfer, you’ll never be just another driver. You’re an integral part of a team, representing one of best companies in the business.

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    Properly maintained commercial truck tires aren’t just a matter of safety and fuel economy (although that should be enough reason for any owner/operator or fleet manager); it’s a matter of federal regulation.

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