Smart Planning Key To Improved Profits, Happier Holidays

Each year brick and mortar stores try diligently to predict what they will need for the holiday season. It is part of an equation for success. The onset of online shopping has expanded that equation to include an entire new dimension to the holiday shopping experience. Knowing how much of a particular item to order, according to retail managers, is the key factor to the complex calculation that motivates profit and keeps loads in transit. Smart planning, it is said, is really what enables managers to order the right amount of stock for Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other significant shopping events.

Smart Planning is not only important for success in retail, it is crucial for the transportation sector. When the holiday season approaches, having all of your ducks in a row makes a big difference. Research shows those who are organized usually enjoy better holiday experiences, safer travels, and accomplish more. With that in mind, here are a few items to remember when preparing and organizing for your own holiday season:

Preventative Maintenance
Make sure all of your preventative maintenance is up-to-date. Unexpected winter weather is a lot easier to drive through when you’re prepared. Regardless of how often preventative maintenance is preformed, remember to check your truck at different points in transit, especially in winter weather.

Know Where To Find Shelter
Plan out your routes. Make reservations in advance when possible, when needed. Have places where you can take shelter. Monitor the weather and stay alert.

Personal Accessories
Make sure you pack clothing for varying weather conditions. If you do not already, get a pair of gloves, a scarf, and extra clothing should temperatures or weather conditions take an unexpected turn.

Decide Where You Want To Be During The Holidays
Whether it is on the road or sitting at the in-laws for Christmas dinner, early planning will help to make your holidays a lot more enjoyable. Pre-planning and sharing your plans will go a long way into ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Be Smart About Holiday Shopping
Holiday Shopping usually means more congested highways, even with increased incentive to shop online. The article “5 Safe Online Shopping Tips for This Holiday Season” says “Above all, to stay healthy and wealthy, you’ve got to be wise. Just as you would exercise caution with your wallet and belongings in a crowded store, remember to be as vigilant in the World Wide Mall.” To read more about safe shopping, click here:

The holidays are always an adventure, especially for truck drivers. With a little pre-planning, however, the roads are sure to be a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. Take a little time to make this year one of your best. Do the necessary pre-planning.

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