Are you a veteran? We have OTR trucking jobs available for you.

When you began your military career, did you ever think OTR trucking jobs would be in your future? With downsizing and budget cuts, military personnel are finding themselves separated from the armed services in growing numbers. A truck-driving job with Millis Transfer might just be the civilian career you need to transition.

Millis Transfer appreciates military veterans for the service and sacrifice they have given to this country. In gratitude, they want to help you have a long, successful and healthy civilian career.

Of course, they also know they will be receiving dependable and reliable truck drivers — characteristics not always easy to find in today’s workforce. They’re also aware that veterans can work as a team to get the job done. OTR trucking jobs require completing a mission, and Millis Transfer knows as a veteran you’ve got that part down.

Millis Transfer has positions right now for experienced drivers with a CDL. However, even if you have never driven a truck before, they stand ready to help you get started. Get trained for OTR trucking jobs at one of the four Millis Training Institutes in Ohio, Texas, Georgia or Wisconsin, and in just 3-4 weeks, you could begin your new career as part of a successful team delivering the goods America needs.

Honorably discharged veterans can get started with just $500 up front and $500 paid back through your first year.

Millis Transfer wants to see military veterans move forward into OTR trucking jobs as a successful civilian career. For more information on this great opportunity for transitioning veterans call (800) 937-0880 or APPLY NOW at

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