All You Need To Know About National Truck Driving Jobs

Those recognizable, maroon-colored Millis Transfer trucks have been traveling across America since 1936. The company provides national truck driving jobs to anyone who is qualified and wants a job as a paid tourist. After all, driving a truck across the 48 contiguous United States is just one long road trip where you get paid along the way.

But just what does a coast-to-coast truck driver experience? Take a look at some of the benefits national truck driving jobs offer.

  • Freedom of the open road: Anyone who loves taking spontaneous drives can make a living driving from coast to coast. There’s no boss breathing down the driver’s neck, no confining cubicles, and the scenery is literally always changing. While office workers are stuck staring at a computer screen all day, truck drivers enjoy the inspiring beauty of the countryside.
  • Sense of pride: Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of nearly all other industries. Truck drivers play a vital role in delivering goods from manufacturers to retailers and consumers. The dedicated men and women with ­national truck driving jobs understand this and take pride in their work.
  • Responsibility for the future: Truck driving is a reliable way to earn excellent pay. It doesn’t take a four-year college degree to start taking responsibility for the future as a national truck driver.
  • Job security: As experienced truck drivers reach retirement age, an astounding number of positions are opening up for new drivers to fill. Plus, with excellent incentives from various carriers, driving school graduates can take their pick from among a number of first-rate opportunities.
  • Extension of the family: At Millis Transfer, drivers are considered members of the Millis family. The company epitomizes the concept of the American Dream and extends the opportunity to make an excellent living to the hard-working drivers on their team.

Millis Transfer would like you to have a long, successful, and healthy career as a truck driver. To learn more about the national truck driving jobs you might qualify for, visit our website or call us at 800-937-0880.

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