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“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” The Empire Strikes Back

“Yoda” was always a favorite. Created by George Lukas, the name means “warrior or one who knows.” It’d be a terrific handle for the CB. There should be a book of great names for trucks and truck drivers, if there is not one already.

A lot of forums discuss the topic of names. Some of the more interesting ones listed in online references include: “Log Boy,” “Chewbacca Slim,” “Mork From Ork,” “Baby Corn,” and “The Toolman.” There are also names like “Short Leg,” “Coupon,” “Speedball,” “Cheese Horn” and “Big Loaf.” A lot of them are quite comical.

Just what goes into creating a good name for a truck or a truck driver? If one touts the name “dusty dash” are we to assume it is for obvious reasons?  For all points and purposes, a rig name like “Elvis” would probably be a lot of fun.

If you are considering becoming a truck driver, then you have probably given some thought to names. There is a feature online called the “Trucker Name Generator.” It will convert your regular name into a “trucking name.”  Try it for yourself at this link:   Odds are, it is going to make you laugh.

According to one of the leading psychology magazines, when a name just kind of rolls off the tongue, we associate more positive sentiment with it. “It’s a finding consistent with previous research showing that the ease, or fluency, with which we perceive something changes our impressions of it.”  That means the easier it is to say a name, the more positive we perceive it.

What do you think when you hear someone on the CB with a name like “The Bear?” Is it a big, furry, huggable friend? Traveling with someone named BJ, perhaps?

All fun aside, there are a couple of names when it comes to trucks that get confused. Those names include: semi-truck, semi-trailer and tractor-trailer. Though everyone understands you are referring to a truck when you use any one of these terms, they actually do not all mean the same thing. While I bet our veteran truck drivers know a lot about the differences, most newbies will not.

If you are a newbie, a semi-truck is the actual truck. It has an engine and can run with or without a trailer. A semi-trailer is the actual trailer and needs a semi-truck to haul it.  When you put a truck and a trailer together, you get the name tractor-trailer.

As a driver for Millis Transfer, you get to drive some of the best tractor-trailers in the business. While drivers might like to have a lot of fun with names for trucks, most people do not realize the true cost of a tractor-trailer. According to online resources,  just one 18 wheeler can run $260,000 or more. With a price tag like that, maybe a name like “Bank Note” would be more apt.

The truth is…Millis Transfer invests in some of the best equipment because they want to provide the best service for their customers and the best opportunities for their drivers.

Millis Transfer trains and employs some of the greatest drivers in the world. Interested in being a part of our team? Find out about our available truck driving opportunities by calling (800) 937-0880 or APPLY NOW at

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