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The benefits of driving for Millis Transfer are extensive – top pay, flexible home time, great benefits and a strong family atmosphere are just the start. But, while these benefits speak for themselves, it’s helpful to listen to the experiences of current drivers if you want a more personal insight into one carrier or another. Hear what some of our actual drivers have to say, and see if you can picture yourself joining the Millis Transfer team!


“Millis Transfer is by far the best company to drive for. Top of the line equipment, great pay, family-oriented atmosphere, awesome team of dispatchers, good home time and 100% legal with safety as a number one priority! If you’re not driving for Millis, maybe you should consider it.” -Edd M.

“‘I am currently a student at the Burleson, Texas Millis Training Institute. Millis is a great company. I look forward to driving with them …’ It’s been almost a year since I posted this. I am enjoying my job with Millis Transfer. It’s been awesome working here. I’ve met a lot of great drivers; my dispatcher Pat is awesome and they have kept every promise they’ve made so far.” -Steve N.

“I went to school in Burleson, Texas. Thanks, Harold, for the instruction. I trained 18,000 miles and began driving September 3. Equipment and service is top notch, the company cares about safety, and they get me home often as a regional driver. I researched all the available trucking companies to work for and I’m glad I chose Millis.” -George J.

If you have what it takes to live the exciting life of a truck driver, Millis Transfer is here to help you have a long, healthy and successful career. To learn more about how to become a paid tourist, call (800) 937-0880 or APPLY NOW at

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