Why Did You Choose to be a Truck Driver with Millis Transfer?

Have you decided that truck driving is the career for you? With so many carriers to choose from, why should you go with Millis Transfer?

You have several considerations to make when choosing which company to drive for. As you weigh the pros and cons of different motor carriers, consider these testimonials from real Millis Transfer truck drivers regarding the topics you’re most interested in.


Millis Transfer operates the Millis Training Institute where drivers can receive their commercial driver’s license and receive a job offer upon completion of their training. Real Millis Transfer drivers have this to say about MTI:

  • “Training is inexpensive and class sizes are small for better hands-on training.”
  • “My best friend went through the school, and six months later, it was clear that everything on the website was true. I’ve been driving solo for over six months and I ain’t leaving. I just got 3,500 miles this week and a great safety bonus.”
  • “I went through training in 1999 and it was the best bang for my buck. I went from company driver to owner-operator in a little over a year. Millis is a great company and I still recommend them to people looking to get started. I’ve been doing this for 13 years and it’s still the best job I ever had.”

Company Values and Home Time Priority

You want the company you drive for to be ethical and treat everyone fairly. That means granting hard-working drivers uninterrupted home time. On this subject, drivers only have positive things to say:

  •  “The staff treated me well the first time I was here, and they still treat me well to this day.”
  • “Millis Transfer is by far the best company to drive for. Top of the line equipment, great pay, family-oriented, awesome team of dispatchers, good home time and 100% legal with safety as a number one priority! If you’re not driving for Millis, maybe you should consider it.”
  • “I couldn’t be happier with the company. Great miles and pay. Home time is great. No one calls you with hot loads; they leave you alone during home time. The equipment is top notch and well maintained. Everything is legal and safety is the main goal.”
  • “I just wanted to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Millis for making it possible to attend my granddaughter’s funeral. It’s a humbling feeling in these trying times knowing I work for a company that will do everything possible to accommodate their employees. Thank you.”
  • “I went to school in Burleson, TX. Thanks, Harold, for the instruction. I trained 18,000 miles and began driving September 3. Equipment and service is top notch, the company cares about safety and they get me home often as a regional driver. I researched all the available trucking companies to work for and I’m glad I chose Millis.”

Millis Transfer wants you to have a long, successful and healthy career. Now that you know why others have chosen Millis Transfer over other companies, you can start your education at the Millis Training Institute, where military veterans and others looking for a fresh start can begin an exceptional career in the trucking industry. To learn more about attending truck driver school at the Millis Training Institute, visit the Millis Transfer website or call 800-937-0880.

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