Millis Training Institute: What Graduates Have to Say

Starting a truck-driving career means getting your commercial driver’s license, which means truck-driving school, which means Millis Training Institute. You cannot find a better school to train for your CDL than Millis. We know because of the comments shared by graduates.

A few months after graduating, here’s what Joshua H. had to say about his new career at the Millis Training Institute in Cartersville, Georgia:

I went to school in Cartersville last year and haven’t looked back. I’ve been here for 14 months … and I’ve never had a single person stay on my case or send me messages about how I perform my job. By far the easiest most enjoyable job I’ve had.

Joshua learned how to do his job, how to do it right and how to build a career, not just earn a paycheck.

After attending one of the four Millis Training Institute locations, you will have the confidence and skills to get the job done and build your career. Whether you attend the school in Cartersville, like Joshua, or find the locations in Hamilton, Ohio; Burleson, Texas; or Richfield, Wisconsin more convenient, you will have gained the confidence and know-how to get your truck-driving career moving. Find out what to expect here.

Even CDL test administrators praise Millis Training Institute, as this comment from Gary H. shows:

I took my trainee to a CDL Test Facility in PA and am pleased to report that, along with passing his CDL Pre-Trip, Skills, and Road Test, the examiner commented on how nice Millis’ equipment is, how prepared the students and trainers are and that we do a fine job at our schools.

One graduate was even inspired to pass on this hand-written note:


How often do people take the time to hand write a compliment anymore?

If you desire to get your new career started in the right direction at one of the top truck driving schools available, consider what others have had to say about Millis Training Institute. Then call for more information at (800) 937-0880 or APPLY NOW at

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